female.twenty four.traveller.
dreaded.ringed nose.


I want to continue being crazy; living my life the way I dream it, and not the way the other people want it to be.

Paulo Coelho, Veronika Decides to Die

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All you have in life is yourself.

Not meant in a negative way at all.   You may have a wonderful family, the best boyfriend/girlfriend anyone could ask for and amazing friends, all who you love more than anything.  You may be on the path in life that you genuinely want to be on. And evernthough there are always some hiccups, generally life is amazing.  

And generally when things get tough you have your boy, your mom, sister, best friend whoever it may be. They are there.  But then sometimes they can’t be. Or they don’t understand, or sometimes they are the one’s who caused the pain and then what?  Who is there?  It is only you!  You, yourself and the driving force inside you are all you truly have no matter what!  You must learn to love, honor and trust the self to find true contentment.  

The true work of life is only to love thyself and the soul within. 

i promise that someday
i’ll buy you a place
where you can say “what a nice view”
and i’ll agree
while looking straight at you